What a Shock: CAIR Trying to Stifle Free Speech

Robert Spencer, author and owner of Jihad Watch, will be speaking at the Young America’s Foundation tomorrow. CAIR got wind of Mr. Spencer’s scheduled speech and issued a threatening letter via its attorneys insisting that YAF cancel Spencer’s speaking engagement or ensure that “false and defamatory statements are not disseminated at that session.” Since CAIR deems anything even remotely critical as “false and defamatory,” considering that Mr. Spencer doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to radical Islam, we know what we can expect from CAIR after Mr. Spencer’s talk. This appears to be the new terrorism: slapping critics with lawsuits.

Well, the YAF responded to CAIR’s threat:

I was speaking to Jason Mattera, a YAF official, who told me that I was scheduled to speak as planned: “CAIR can go to Hell and they can take their 72 virgins with them.”

Bryan at Hot Air is covering this as well.

Update: On a related note, CAIR decided to drop the John Does from the Flying Imam’s lawsuit. The group claims it has nothing do do with the John Doe provision that was just passed. Perhaps it’s because CAIR’s threats and intimidation are are horrible PR. Perhaps they wanted to avoid another embarrassing defeat? Charles Johnson wonders: “Or were they just afraid of going through the discovery process?”

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