Now Come the Breast Feeding Nazis

New York City, the new nanny state, has declared war on formula feeding:

First came smoking. Then there were trans fats. Now the nanny-like city’s public-health crusade is taking on the baby bottle.

Free formula samples and formula promotional materials are now banned from gift bags given to new mothers at the 11 hospitals run by the city’s Health and Hospitals Corp.

Instead, new mothers will get a tote bag stuffed with disposable nursing pads, a mini-cooler for breast-milk bottles, and pint-sized T-shirts for the babies that proudly declare “I eat at mom’s.”

The move comes as World Breast feeding Week is set to begin tomorrow.

And today, city health officials will announce a campaign to promote breast-feeding instead of using formula.

“Nationally, there has been a push to return to breast-feeding,” said Dr. David Garry, direc tor of obstetrics at Jacobi Hospital in The Bronx. “Human milk is still the best for newborn babies.”

New York City is way out of bounds being so militant regarding breast feeding; it has no business telling moms or anyone else how they are supposed to feed their babies. But when you live in a city where the government imposes incremental government control of everything, this isn’t that big of a surprise.

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