Holy Crap

As pretty much everyone has heard, a student at Pace University is facing serious criminal charges for doing what Newsweek fabricated a year ago: tossing a Koran in a toilet.

Stanislav Shmulevich, for whatever reasons (and I can think of quite a few), decided to toss a Koran in a toilet on campus. This, naturally, got the campus Muslims (as well as Muslims elsewhere, who seem to always be seeking something to get outraged over) upset. (“Frothing” might be too strong a term, but not just barely.) And then, a couple of days later, he did it again.

What Mr. Shmulevich did was, without a doubt, stupid and a crime. You see, they weren’t his Korans, they belonged to the school. So his juvenile stunt qualifies as vandalism and destruction of school property.

But that’s not what he’s being charged with. Instead, the school notified New York City’s hate crimes division, who arrested him for “criminal mischief” and “aggravated harassment.”

He’s also had his name and photo plastered all over several newspapers, so I don’t think it’s too far a stretch to think he’ll end up like Theo Van Gogh.

I have several thoughts on this matter.

The first is that the essence of his action was blasphemy — disrespect for Islam’s holy book — and I don’t think that, under the Constitution, the government (federal, state, county, or city) has any right to enforce the laws of any religion. They certainly have no problems with people committing blasphemy against Christianity or Judaism, so they sure as hell don’t have any business protecting Muslim religious sensibilities.

The second is that the charge of “harassment” was clearly filed by someone who doesn’t know much about modern Islam. A fairer charge would have been “incitement to riot,” because — let’s face it — this is far more likely to trigger violent demonstrations than suicidal depressions.

The third is that this is a perfect example of what is so fundamentally wrong with hate crime laws. Had Mr. Shmulevich simply bought his own Koran and disposed of it in the way he did, there would have been no crime. Instead, by starting off with that act of petty vandalism, he left himself vulnerable to far more serious charges for his “thought crime.”

The guy did a dumb thing. He should have to replace the two Korans he ruined, and perhaps serve some community service. And since Pace is a private college, it can do pretty much discipline him however it sees fit. But to turn this into some huge incident is a grotesque perversion of our justice system and the very fundaments of our Constitutional system.

We’ve already seen what CAIR and the other Muslim apologists will do with our legal system. The last thing we need is to give them any more help. Rather, we should inform them that the Constitution applies equally to everyone — and no religion (or psycho asshats who hide behind religion) gets to use it for their own purposes.

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