Democrats, “Vote For Us, We’re Stupid”

The Dems really need to work on their message. For years they’ve been saying that wiley President Bush tricked them on Iraq, now their claiming stupidity again:

Democrat charges U.S. justices “duped” Senate

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts and Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito “duped” the U.S. Senate into confirming them, a top Democratic lawmaker charged on Friday, days after a key Republican questioned if they had lived up to their promises.

Sen. Charles Schumer of New York, a member of the Judiciary Committee that held hearings on the two, said they staked out moderate positions in congressional testimony but became part of a conservative bloc that issued restrictive rulings on issues from free speech to civil rights.

Schumer, in a speech to the American Constitution Society, talked about the confirmation of Roberts and Alito in 2005 and 2006, respectively.

“Were we duped?” he asked.

“Were we too easily impressed by the charm of nominee Roberts and the erudition of nominee Alito?” Schumer asked. “Did we mistakenly vote our hopes when our fears were more than justified by the ultraconservative records of these two men?”

“Yes,” he said.

The Democrat Party’s new motto, “Vote for us, we get fooled easily.”

UPDATE: Marc destroys Schumer in the second comment by -you know- looking at their voting record… Take down of the day.

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