The slaves are revolting

For some time now, I’ve been meaning to discuss health care financing reform. I still am, but it turns out that someone has stolen a march on me on one of my key points.

Giacomo, in addition to being a fellow New Hampshire blogger, is also a doctor who practices in Massachusetts. Massachusetts, you might recall, recently passed a law requiring everyone to carry health insurance. (Mitt Romney has occasionally touted that as one of his prouder achievements.)

Well, something is happening down there that a lot of people predicted, but no one who backed the plan thought would ever happen. And Dr. Giacomo is not only watching it closely, but he’s intimately involved with it.

One of the things I learned about Jews is that the significance they place on education is because they’re culturally used to getting kicked out of places on a fairly regular basis. Because of that, they developed a prejudice towards putting their talents not into land or other hard-to-transport commodities, but into skills, trades, professions, and other readily-portable sources of wealth. It seems that lesson is being played out in Massachusetts right now.

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