Republican’s Shine In Capitol Hill “Hot 50” List

Last year we had some fun with Michelle Persaud, the “winner” of The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill 2006 edition. It turns out that in addition to being a staff lawyer for nut-job extraordinarie Rep. John “Indict ‘Em” Conyers, she was a bit of a MySpacer.

For starters the top spot in the 2007 edition of The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful People is occupied by Rep. Brad Ellsworth. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s not as much fun as having an anonymous staffer land at the top of the list. This year’s list also has gone a bit geriatric with the inclusion of 67-year old Nancy Pelosi (at the improbable #4) and 52 year-old Rep. Mary Fallin.

So while the whole thing isn’t as much fun as last year, it’s worth noting that the Republican talent is very strong. Among the many standouts there’s (from left to right) #2 Crystal Hayslett, #44 Sarah Barfield, and #47 Virginia Muller.

crystal-hayslett.jpg sarah-barfield.jpg virginia_muller.jpg

If you toss out Ellsworth, Hayslett is the real “winner” this year. I’m pretty sure that has something to do with the swimsuit photo below…

06/18/04 photo by Janelle Sou/The Jackson Sun -Miss University of TN at Martin Crystal Hayslett walk
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