A Whole Lotta Awareness Raising

There is a whole lotta global warming awareness raisin’ going on. A couple of amusing examples were in the news this week.

Actor Matt Damon appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno this week to promote his latest Jason Bourne flick, but most memorable from the interview was a clip Leno showed of Damon performing in a spot to promote alternative fuels. In the video clip Damon dressed as a gas pump and delivered the following line: “”Come on, Congress. Come on, big oil. Mandate cleaner cars and cleaner fuel. Flex fuel. A little bit of corn and a pinch of can-do attitude is all it takes. And kids love it too. Yippee!”

In addition to Damon, the videos produced by the Center for American Progress Action Fund feature actress Jennifer Garner, comedienne Sarah Silverman, and similar to the Damon spot, Ben Affleck dressed as an ear of corn vowing to bring down “big oil.”Another example involves tangerines, but thankfully no one dressed up like one.

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