What is the NFL Waiting for? Dump Vick NOW!

For the life of me I don’t understand what is taking the NFL so long.

Falcons wanted to suspend Vick

Falcons Owner Arthur Blank acknowledged Tuesday that he had planned to suspend quarterback Michael Vick four games – the maximum allowed by the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement – in the wake of Vick’s indictment last week in a case involving illegal interstate dog-fighting.

It was only after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell intervened on Monday and ordered Vick to stay away from training camp until the league completed its review of the case that Blank agreed to back off his decision to suspend Vick.

Blank also said that if he had any advice for Vick, it would be to stay away from football for a year.

That last line has me perplexed… The NFL will fine a player if his socks are too high up his leg because it “harms their brand” but they will let the Michael Vick thing drag on for a year?

I know ~why~ the NFL is biding their time, they have probably a hundred million dollars reasons to do so. But I don’t understand ~what~ they think they are accomplishing.

The whole presumption of innocence is fine in a court room but in the court of public opinion it does not work too well. The NFL is coddling the (suspected) leader of a dog fighting ring because he makes them money. That’s pathetic.

The NFL should have said yesterday that they take allegations of animal cruelty very seriously and that Vick is suspended until the his name is cleared. (which BTW IMO ain’t gonna happen)

No ambiguity, no spin, no B.S.

I mock PETA here on a regular basis but this is different. Vick himself is “Bad Newz” and the NFL should get away from him as fast as possible. Period.

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