Sick of Politics?

With the presidential race beginning earlier than ever before, I am already a bit burned out on politics right now. The nasty attacks on those in the military (the “killitary” variety) and nastiness on the political scene in general only make things worse. I am still following political news, but am taking more frequent breathers than usual. I am an avid t.v. watcher, and am especially fond of shows I can watch with my kids, so the new episodes of Monk and Psych are being celebrated in my house. A few non-kid-friendly shows, The Closer, The Dead Zone, Heartland and Burn Notice have kept my DVR busy so that I don’t miss the new episodes. I have been trying to get out with the kids more before school starts back in four short weeks and the weather here in NC has been more beautiful than I can ever recall for a July. Not only was the 4th mild with uncharacteristically low humidity, but the rest of the month has been pretty darn fantastic. This past weekend’s weather was as close to perfect as I could ever ask for. I even took time to catch up on reading some fiction this summer. In the past ten weeks I have read six Dean Koontz books. (In case anyone cares, they were the three Odd Thomas books, as well as One Door Away from Heaven, The Taking and The Husband). I will get back into political mode soon enough — heck, there is still plenty of time with the election over a year away. The next few weeks are primarily for enjoying the rest of the summer though. I will comment on things when I can, but life is too short, ya know? And my babies are growing up too fast.

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