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For some reason, Mr. Joel Schwartzberg of the PBS Show NOW (formerly hosted by Lyndon Johnson buttmonkey, drunk driver, and all-around waste of skin Bill Moyers, I believe) decided that I would be a good person to send regular updates on the latest schlock they’re airing on my dime.

Yesterday, he sent me a doozy.

Please see below long and short listings for NOW #330

Short listing: 7.27.07
How secure is your right to vote? NOW investigates a secret Republican plan designed to disqualify voters.

Long Listing: 7.27.07
Was there a White House plot to illegally suppress votes in 2004? Is there a similar plan for the upcoming elections? On Friday July 27 at 8:30 pm (check local listings), NOW examines documents and evidence that
points to a Republican Party plan designed to keep Democrats from voting, by targeting people based on their race and ethnicity. Congress is investigating, and so are we. We speak with David Iglesias, one of eight fired U.S. Attorneys, who says he lost his job because he refused to go along with the White House plan to suppress votes.

The NOW website at will feature an extended interview with David Iglesias and reveal key e-mails and documents covered in our investigation.

Naturally, I answered him appropriately:

Let me save you a little homework, Joel. Here is a link to an article we posted November 7, 2006. It shows Philadelphia Democratic poll watcher Carlos Mantos freely admitting that he helped block Republican poll watchers from entering the polling area and told voters to vote straight Democratic tickets. Open and shut case of voter suppression and intimidation, wouldn’t you say?


No need to give us credit, Joel. I’m sure that being such a fine, upstanding, honest, non-partisan, objective journalist, you’ll give Mr. Mantos an appropriate level of exposure as the Republican shenanigans you’ve breathlessly uncovered.


Jay Tea
Main Page Editor

I’m not holding my breath. It’s a lot easier to talk breathlessly about “conspiracies” and “plots” than to look into actual cases where the guys admit on video precisely what they’re doing.

A while ago I asked Mr. Schwartzberg to stop sending me his crap. Now, though, I’m kind of glad he didn’t — but I wonder if he wishes he had.

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