How to Create A Stupid American

I really should not be surprised by the lack of critical thinking skills by the folks on the left. But for whatever reason I keep being shocked by its absence.

Our friends over a Wizbang Blue link a video that has all the liberal children giggling with glee…

You know the video is a loser by who links it (Wizbang Blue and Andrew Sullivan) and that fact is further confirmed when the video opens with that well known political scientist Jon Stewart.

What is sad when you watch the video however is how it appeals to the lower end of the IQ scale. If you’d like to save the 7 minutes, it comes down to Bush “lied” about weapons of mass destruction because we did not find them.

Of course the whole thing is predictably devoid of any reason or thought. No mention of the various times Bill Clinton and a plethora of Democrats said Saddam had WMD… No mention that the governments of France, Israel, Russia, Australia and the U.N. itself all said Saddam had weapons of mass destruction.

Of course no mention Saddam himself said he had weapons of mass destruction but then later said he didn’t. And certainly no mention Saddam had weapons of mass destruction at one point and even used them on his own people.

Perhaps what is most disturbing however, is the perpetuation of logic a 3rd grader would reject. If someone said something that later turned out to be incorrect then they had to be lying. The intelligence couldn’t have been simply wrong. Of course Bush knew -better than the combined intelligence services of the entire planet- that Saddam had no weapons but he lied. We know because we have a poorly cut video.

There is no other way to say it. It’s sad these people are just so damn stupid.

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