On the Sudden Urgency to Leave Iraq

A reader sent a link to this story, excerpt follows:

WASHINGTON: The top commanders in Iraq and the American ambassador to Baghdad used video links with Washington on Thursday to appeal for more time, both to allow for success on the ground, and to more fully assess if the new strategy is making gains.

But their appeals, in a trio of video sessions to Capitol Hill and the Pentagon, were met with stern rebukes from lawmakers from both parties.

Senior Republicans and Democrats told the generals and the ambassador that time is running out, both for Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki to reach accommodation with warring religious factions inside the country and for what remains of Congressional support for the heightened troop levels that President Bush ordered in January.

“There’s got to be some real evidence that action’s taking place there and everything you can do to convey to Mr. Maliki and his executive committee, to the other players in the region, that the American people’s patience is running out,” Senator George V. Voinovich, Republican of Ohio, said to the television image of Ambassador Ryan C. Crocker.The reader then went on to offer his opinion:

This has truly gotten insane. They have this “teleconference” not only open to a public gallery, but televised. Why don’t they just send a nice big fruit basket to Al Qaeda with a note saying “Remember Vietnam? Deja Vu, Baby! We’re truckin’ outta here”. They are actively pushing for defeat when things are starting to really improve! I think the big push to get out is a result of the early success of the surge (1 month old), they see it starting to work and are scared to death that we might actually create a stable Iraq. That would be the death knell for Harry “Piglet” Reid. I’m pissed.

I agree that the sudden rush to get out of Iraq seems to be tied to news that the surge is yielding some results. Otherwise why would Dems and squishy Republicans not wait the two months until the September report date and actually give the surge time to work or fail? The reader later sent the following Jack Handey “Deep Thoughts” saying he could imagine hearing Harry Reid (or most of the Democrats) saying them:

To me, truth is not some vague, foggy notion. Truth is real. And, at the same time, unreal. Fiction and fact and everything in between, plus some things I can’t remember, all rolled into one big “thing”. This is truth, to me.

It makes me mad when people say I turned and ran like a scared rabbit. Maybe it was like an angry rabbit, who was running to go fight in another fight, away from the first fight.

If you define cowardice as running away at the first sign of danger, screaming and tripping and begging for mercy, then yes, Mister Brave Man, I guess I am a coward.

Jack Handey? I thought those were Harry Reid quotes.

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