By hooker by crook…

Police-run sex stings are nothing new.

Setting up a fake prostitution ad on Craig’s List is also no great innovation.

Prominent people and public officials getting arrested in the process are, also, not really newsworthy.

But when the police have the would-be Johns’ cars towed off from their expected assignations by the Bump And Grind Towing Service… that’s major points for style right there.

I don’t particularly care for anti-prostitution operations — it strikes me as a victimless crime, and I’d rather it be regulated and taxed, while the police dealt with real problems — but in this case, I’ll set aside my principles a little out of respect for whatever officer chose that company to haul off the Johns’ cars — especially the one owned by the New Hampshire Technical Institute and driven by the school’s Communications Director — and “the voice of the University of New Hampshire Wildcats” hockey games.

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