Ducks… In… Space!!!!

This should be the last batch of photos from my time at Shore Leave. Honest.

While there, I had the chance to engage in some intergalactic diplomacy. Unfortunately, Mr. Duckie was mistaken for a tribble.

He escaped unharmed, but it was a very near thing.

I also had a chance to meet the very lovely and talented Claudia Christian. She was selling autographed photos and books, including one set in a binder marked “Cheeky Photos.” All I can say is that, for someone forever typecast as a slightly telepathic, neurotic, bisexual Russian Jew, she knows her fans.

(Warning: the photo has been made almost SFW, but the original is not. Click here for the unexpurgated version — showing her gannet, and one of her robins.)

Finally, I got a Peter David autograph that I’ve been after for several years. I wanted him to sign one particular page in a particular fashion. More specifically, Page 339 of the hardcover edition of Q Squared by his former pen name, “David Peters.”

He blew it at first, signing with his real name, but then fixed it — and I think it’s even better.

Major Wizbang Bonus Points to anyone who can explain why I thought this would be such a cool idea.

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