Democrats Kill the John Doe Provision


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This is an update for this post.

The Senate Democrats have successfully killed the John Doe provision – at least for now – and have sided with potential terrorists against their own citizens. Here’s the roll on Republican Susan Collins’ motion to include the provision in an education bill:


Even though the provision got 57 “Yeas,” the Democrats stacked the deck by requiring a 60 vote super majority. See the names listed under “Nays.” They are all Democrats and one Independent. Not one Republican voted against this provision. What is going on inside the Democratic party that its members are so united against protecting the American people from another terrorist attack? And as I noted in an earlier post, they are completely committed to this even after an intelligence report said that al Qaeda is working harder than ever to get their operatives into this country to commit terrorist acts.

With the Democrats’ votes on the John Doe provision, never has the label “the hate America crowd” been more true than right now.

Update: Andy McCarthy offers more on the Death Wish Democrats:

Democrats killed the amendment in a very sneaky, technical, under-the-radar way in the House — so they can tell their insane fringe backers they pulled it off, yet no one’s fingerprints are on it. As far as I’m concerned, that just means we should blame “THE DEMOCRATS.” Period. If they don’t want personal accountability, we should see it this way: When it comes to national security, this is who they are.

In the senate, the measure fell short by three votes of the 60 needed. By the way: Barack Obama and Sam Brownback, showing real leadership as they run for the White House, did not bother to vote. Nor did Dianne Feinstein, though she is a member of the Judiciary Committee and frequently has lots to say on national security issues. Three votes were needed on an issue that pitted the American people against the netroots, and those three were nowhere to be found. Profiles in courage all.

All Republicans in the Senate except Brownback voted for the measure. Hillary Clinton, who is running for president and obviously is not suicidal, broke with her party and voted with the Republicans. So did Senators Bayh, Conrad, Dorgan, Landrieu, Lieberman, Nelson (of Nebraska), and Schumer. The remaining 39 Democrats were all nays. Call them the “Death Wish Caucus,” doing the bidding of CAIR, which is backing the Flying Imams and their alleged right to sue Americans for reporting potential terrorist activity.

Read all of Andy’s post.

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