A Warning to General Patraeus

John Hawkins writes that General Patraeus needs to be prepared for the onslaught from the Democratic party. It’s in the Democrats’ political interest to destroy anything and anyone that stands in their way to securing power, and right now they have their sights on Patraeus:

Moreover, in September, Petraeus is going to go to the Senate and give a very high profile report on what’s happening — and the reality is that our troops are succeeding. They’re systematically tearing Al-Qaeda apart in Iraq, they are securing areas of the country that have long been out of control, and they’re helping the Iraqis stand on their own two feet.

So, Petraeus is expected to say in September that political progress has been so-so, but that we have improved the security situation significantly and that if we give the surge more time, it will work.

If you’re a Democratic Senator who desperately wants to see America lose the war in Iraq for political reasons, this puts you in a position of trying to pull American troops out of war we’re on track to win against the advice of the general on the ground running the war. That will be embarrassing to the Democrats.

How can they deal with it? By using the politics of personal destruction that they perfected during the Clinton administration. They’ll smear and attack Petraeus and they’ll encourage their pals in the MSM to do the same thing. Just wait and see — the democrats will try utterly crush Petraeus simply because he’s a competent general, who is getting the job done in Iraq and will be willing to say so on the Senate floor.

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