The land of the setting sun?

For some time now (I think it was after I read Tom Clancy’s “The Bear And The Dragon”), I’ve been keeping an eye on Communist China, and its role in the US economy. It’s been partly out of concern, partly out of curiosity. So, so many of our consumer products are made there, and the significance of that has held a little fascination for me. It’s both good and bad for both countries, and I am nowhere near knowledgeable enough on the subject to determine which is predominant.

But for good or ill, it is a fact that can not be denied or ignored.

Of late, it seems that it’s been bad. Shoddy quality control and outright fraud have cost a lot of lives — human and otherwise. It seems that not a week goes by without another announcement of another product made in Communist China that threatens our lives, safety, or way of life.

I wonder if a popular boycott of Communist Chinese products is coming — if enough people get fed up with the seemingly-endless stories of bad goods coming here from abroad, they’ll simply stop buying anything that comes marked “MADE IN CHINA.”

And that might not be so easy. One writer, as an experiment, tried to do just that for a year — and found it was harder than she could have imagined.

Extricating ourselves from our entanglement with Communist China looks to be an extremely difficult challenge, and one that gets more convoluted every day. It might already be past the point of no return, when the US economy (as well as a lot of other western nations’ economies) are so tied up with Communist Chinese products that a sudden ending of that source could wreak grave economic harm on both sides.

But simply ignoring the situation — while in the finest political traditions — will not make the situation any better.

I don’t have a simple cure for the problem. I don’t know if one exists. Hell, I don’t know if any cure — simple or otherwise — exists.

But dammit, we better start thinking about it, because the situation is not getting any better on its own.

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