Bloggers Roundtable with the Commanding Generals

The Pentagon has been active participants in what Tony Snow described as a “surge of facts” from Iraq to hold the line against the Democratic congress and their calls for withdrawal/redeployment/change of strategy/surrender. I’ve been on several conference calls this week with Lt. Generals, Lt. Colonels, Rear Admirals, and others who are sharing status updates with mil-bloggers like those at BlackFive, US Cavalry OnPoint, The Belmont Club, and others. Tomorrow morning I’ll be on two with these guys:

  • BG Edward Cardon, USA, Deputy Commanding General, Task Force Marne will be joining us with an operational update from the
    Multi-National Division Central area of operations.
  • MG W.E. Gaskin, USMC, Commanding General Multi-National Force West will be joining us with an operational update
    from Al Anbar province following his Pentagon Press briefing.

These should be lively accounts of what it’s like on the ground in Iraq. If anyone has a specific question that you’d like answered, I’d be happy to ask it. Post a comment with your suggestions.

I’ve got a podcast in the works that will include lots of stories from the men on the front and those supporting them at HQ.

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