Michael Vick Indicted For Dog Fighting Operation

michael vick.jpg

Atlanta Falcon’s quarterback Michael Vick was indicted today for his role in the dog fighting operation discovered earlier this year on his Virginia property. It looks like those anonymous sources who said Vick was a big man in the underground dog fighting culture were telling the truth. The Smoking Gun has the full indictment, which features the former #1 draft choice as a participant in destroying dogs who didn’t perform.

The NFL, which has not problem banishing Pacman Jones, Chris Henry, Tank Johnson, and others, is – for now – saying that they won’t take any action until legal proceedings conclude. That didn’t stop them in the previous cases, but Vick’s a marque player whose trangressions (allegedly spreading herpes and flipping off fans), while newsworthy haven’t been with the law. Of course there was that hidden compartment in his water bottle that didn’t have drugs in it, but there were no charges there..

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