Signs of Progress

There are still plenty of images of death and violence to report from Iraq, but increasingly, there are also signs of progress — some of it in areas recently determined to be lost causes.

On a series of maps just released by the Multi-National Force-Iraq, control of the country is shown shaded in green. On a January 2006 map, the shaded areas showing where Iraqi forces were “in the lead” were few and far between.

Each month following, though, showed additional areas turning green. By August 2006, more than half of Iraq was shaded. On later maps, an additional legend identified areas under “provisional Iraqi control” designated by a darker shade of green. By June 2007, more than half of the shaded area had been converted to dark green.

Such a visual illustration of progress being achieved in Iraq is something most Americans have yet to see. Instead they are still getting mostly negative images in their newspaper and television coverage.

Don’t get me wrong — I am not planning to vacation in Iraq anytime soon. It is still a violent and volatile place and those negative images are a big part of the story, but there is another part that has to be shown for the public to get the full picture. As the green map illustrates, and many other reports from Iraq indicate, there is some progress to report from Iraq.Read the rest at the Examiner.

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