Hammer Time!

For some time, I’ve used “Olaf The Troll God’s Hammer” as my metaphor for banning trolls. This weekend, at the Shore Leave convention, I think I found something a bit better.

Sir Nicodemys Carvell ([email protected]) makes medieval weapons. Really, really cool ones — mostly wooden, but some rather nasty metal ones. It was the wooden ones that drew my attention, though.

The one I liked first seemed a bit large at first… but with a little practice, it seems to work just fine.

If anyone has a need for a finely-crafted implement of carnage, to indulge a desire to literally “go medieval” on someone’s ass, one could do far worse than Sir Nicodemys, who promises “Metal Pounded, Wood Shaped, and Leather Worked” on his business card.

And who also not only let me use one of his hammers, but — completely without the slightest prompting from me — posed willingly (if somewhat derangedly) for the “action” photos.

Trolls beware!!!!!

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