Consorting with the enemy

I’ve said on far, far too many occasions that I have tremendous admiration for Peter David. The man is a hell of a great writer, and a staunch champion for his beliefs. His dedication to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is exceptional, his commitment to his fans is virtually unrivalled, and he’s one of the most approachable authors I know of.

And his mind works in delightfully twisted ways. His sense of humor is a truly perverse thing, generating some of the most heinous puns I have ever imagined. And his gift for tying together diverse elements and loose threads from everywhere into a coherent package is truly legendary.

Politically, I have nothing in common with him. He’s a complete barking moonbat, as anti-Bush as anyone at Kos or DU. And not even GOOD at it — during the legendary “Mystery Trek Theatre 3000” event, my personal highlight, he referred to “fired attorney generals.” Sorry, PAD, that’s what your side WANTS. What you’re supposed to be upset about are fired US attorneys.

I seen him in person four times, once during a speaking tour with him, Harlan Ellison, and Neil Gaiman, who billed themselves as the “Three High Verbals.” And I’ve gone to the last three Shore Leave conventions pretty much because he was there.

I have several things that I want to post about the convention, but I don’t have access to a scanner. However, I did have access to a digital camera — and a certain Wizbang celebrity was fairly popular at the convention.

Here is that famous person, proving that some things transcend politics.
PAD and smallest fan

For an even better picture of Peter David from this weekend, showing that he isn’t the only amazingly talented member of his family, see here.

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