New Osama Video?


Technically it’s not new. Laura Mansfield reports that what was released today is a portion of an older video. Here are the details:

He himself said ‘By Him in Whose Hands my life is!
I would love to attack and be martyred,
then attack again and be martyred,
then attack again and be martyred.’

Those are the words of Osama Bin Laden in a short clip from a longer As Sahab video obtained this morning by

The Bin Laden clip appears to be a short portion of an older video of the Al Qaeda leader speaking to his followers about martyrdom. There are no indications as to the date when the clip was filmed.

This might fuel speculation that bin Laden is still alive, but CNN also reports this video is nothing more than reused clips from an older video:

The videotape was made in the last four weeks, but the clips appear to be old, said Octavia Nasr, CNN’s senior editor for Arab affairs. There is no indication of where it was shot, and CNN cannot verify its authenticity.

Some seem to think that the Zawahiri tape that was recently released could be a signal to attack, and, as Allahpundit notes, Bin Laden’s “new” video repeats lines just like Zawahiri’s did:

It’s also worth noting that the quote in the middle here is repeated three times, just like the quote at the end of the Zawahiri tape that’s got the feds nervous. It comes from Volume 4, Book 52, Number 54 of the Bukhari translation of the hadith; Zawahiri’s quote came from Mohammed’s last sermon. Whether any of that is significant in and of itself, I have no idea.

Update: Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit has solved the mystery of the video:


Osama Bin Laden appears in a new Al Qaeda video clip (on left Mansfield) and from a release in May 2002 scratching the noggin (La Republicca).

NOTICE– The background- The patch over his left shoulder and the mountain in the background. Today’s clip was definitely from that filming.

Update II: Captain Ed on the possibility of Osama being alive:

However, one could conclude that Osama has gone on to his 72 virgins. Zawahiri has no trouble making public statements, but Osama has not issued any recordings in over a year — and this looks like a poor substitute. If that’s the best AQ can do, it’s suggestive that Osama has joined Zarqawi for whatever reward will come to both terrorists.

I’d say that’s absolutely right.

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