New Bin Laden Video or More Media Manipulation?

Via ABC News.

A brief clip of an older-looking Osama bin Laden is contained in a new al Qaeda videotape praising al Qaeda martyrs posted on jihadi Web sites early this morning.

Experts who study al Qaeda videos told ABC News they had not previously seen the clip of bin Laden, which was released with little fanfare and contains no date references, but say it is most likely an unreleased portion of an earlier message. You can watch the video at the ABC site linked above.

According to a senior administration official, intelligence agencies have determined the video was previously aired as a portion of a longer one shown first on MBC TV (Middle East broadcast station) on April 15, 2002. If that is the case then this is another example of terrorist manipulation of the media. A terrorist website releases a supposedly new video and rather than waiting to verify it, the media rushes it to air to the benefit of terrorists trying to transmit their message of jihad to the world.

Update: Here is the video from 2002 which ABC aired five years ago. The information I received is consistent with Jim Hoft’s post that Kim linked in an update to this earlier post.

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