What Bush Should Do About Iraq (if he were a partisan idiot)

Of course my tongue is planted firmly in by cheek but part of me just has to say…..

What Bush should do is have all the Dem leadership to a big press conference. Oh… and make sure Hillary and Obama are there… We want them on the record too…

Then he should let each of them rip him a new one on Iraq. Then at the end, he should get up and tell the American people that since they elected the Dems and all the polls seem to agree, he is pulling the troops out tomorrow. — As long as the Democrats on the stage take responsibility for the outcome. — Heck they like passing all the meaningless proclamations, let them sign a big piece of paper saying they where responsible for ending “the war.”

Then Bush should further pledge that when the middle east melts down and the UN comes calling for backup (again) that he will stick to his guns and refuse to let Americans join the UN forces that will be overwhelmed.

Then when the terrorists are dancing in the streets and the media wants a statement from the Whitehouse, the administration should give them Queen Nancy’s number. When Muslims declare victory and terrorism soars, point them to the DNC.

The Democrats have wanted us to lose every war since Vietnam. Here they think they can get a twofer…. Have the U.S. lose a war AND put Republican fingerprints on it…. If we’re going to defeat ourselves, Bush should make it abundantly clear the Democratic party was responsible for the policy.

We’d have a Republican majority for 50 years.

— Of course this will never happen and Bush shouldn’t do it but sometimes… sometimes… I almost think it would be worth it.

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