Take it easy…

As I said before, I’m on vacation for the next almost-week. That means I’m getting away from as much of the routine grind as I can — or simply not focusing on it as much.

One of those things will be posting here.

I still will post as the mood and opportunity strikes me, but I will not be pushing myself to fulfill my self-imposed “three posts a day” quota.

And the routine schedule is right out the window.

I should be back to normal posting (well, as “normal” as I get) next Wednesday or so.

Until then, if you’re going to be at the Shore Leave convention this weekend, look for me and Mr. Duckie — and feel free to say hi.

I will most likely be attending any event featuring Peter David. I have a very unusual autograph request for him… and if he obliges (which I think he will), I will be posting a photo or a scan of it.

Until then… have fun. I certainly will.

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