223 April Fools

How fitting that the House surrender bill sets an April 1 withdrawal date. The vote was 223-201. Republicans voting in favor of the measure were Duncan, Emerson, Gilchrest and Jones (NC). I saw Walter Jones speak at the Conservative Leadership Conference I attended in April and the part of his speech regarding Iraq was bizarre to say the least. I don’t remember his exact words, but he talked a lot about God in it. I remember turning to Scott Elliott who was seated next to me and asking him if Jones just said those who didn’t think we should immediately withdraw from Iraq were going to hell. Michelle Malkin and Captain Ed have more.

Update: My new column about what Bush can do to move public opinion on Iraq is now up at Townhall. I turned the column in shortly before the conference call with Tony Snow yesterday and was pleasantly surprised that many of the things I said I hoped the White House would do were mentioned by him during the call.

David Limbaugh
has an excellent column today asking what the Democrats will do if Petraeus reports that we are making progress in September. Charles Krauthammer describes how Democrats and wobbly Republicans are saying, in effect, that General Petraeus is delusional or dishonorable. Read them all.

Also read Hugh Hewitt’s interview with Michael Yon.

What Bush Should Do About Iraq (if he were a partisan idiot)
Because That's Where the Terrorists Are