Preemptive Strike

Well, I just did something new for me: I just banned an IP from Wizbang that, to the best of my knowledge, has never posted a comment here.

The IP in question is — other bloggers may want to note that, and add it to their banned list.

The reason is simple: it is the IP behind this heinous new “business model.”

We’ve already been afflicted by this sort of thing recently, and in those cases I just replaced the spam link with a warning to knock it off. Now that I have this evidence that it’s not just one guy spamming his one site, but a whole new form of spam attack on blogs, I don’t have to waste my time doing that any more — I can just take out Olaf’s Troll Hammer and flail away.

Here’s a thought — would it be a good idea for us to publish the spamming IPs that we ban, so others can see which IPs are causing the problems?

This is entirely different from banning commenters for violating our comments policy, by the way. I spend far more time (some say too much time) weighing those bannings. The spammers I smash indiscriminately.

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