The Coming Fight

Expect to see a big fight over Iraq come to a head soon. With Democrats trying their best to get the troops pulled before the public can hear about the progress that is being made and wobbly (that is the nicest word I can think of) Republicans ready to surrender rather than endure low poll numbers, the stage is set for a showdown between those determined to complete the mission and those who want to surrender to defeat. Sickeningly, I fear more Republicans will go wobbly rather than man up. Those are the politicians who will turn on a dime again though, if public opinion starts to swing the other way. The consequences of defeat in Iraq are well known. Even those like the NYT editorial board, who think we should surrender, admit that a likely consequence is genocide. Below are a few comments on the situation from some of my favorite bloggers.

At Ankle Biting Pundits, Pat Hynes writes “A leading staffer for an East Coast Republican Senator told me that there is almost no appetite left to fight on in support of the war effort. Republican Senators want to give our guys until September, but the situation has become increasingly untenable politically, I am told.” Pat also says the following about the Democrats’
new Iraq ad:

The ad is fair and accurate, it would seem. Except for one line, the first line, in which the narrator says, “The situation isn’t improving …”


I read about improvements everyday.

I think the problem here is exactly as we conservatives have sated it from the get-go, and as Scott Johnson articulated yesterday at Power Line: Democrats don’t want the situation to improve. They are invested in failure. And if it means they will “play on our fears” by repeating a dispiriting lie–“the situation isn’t improving”–well, then so be it. Screw the region, screw the Iraqis and screw our own fighting men and women. Winning the war won’t help them win an election, so the ads must run and they must be written and produced in a manner that breaks our nation’s spirit.

Lovely. Read Scott Johnson’s post in which he quotes some of Vets for Freedom director, Pete Hegseth’s WSJ piece, Give the Surge a Chance. Also read this post at Powerline. My favorite quote from Scott Johnson follows:

Given the demonstrable progress made by General Petraeus and the forces under his command implementing the surge counterinsurgency strategy over the past month, I find the Democratic compulsion to mandate our defeat in Iraq incomprehensible and any Republican assistance lent to the Democrats’ effort contemptible.

To those who say there are no signs of progress in Iraq, I could ask why they all of a sudden don’t believe the NYT or the BBC, but I know why. Good news in Iraq is bad news for Democrats and bad news for Democrats will be avoided at all costs.

Update: Mark Tapscott says hold firm on Iraq and the Victory Caucus is gearing up to fight the most recent withdrawal effort in Congress. Also read Quin Hillyer’s “Surge Protector.”

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