Truth will out

A few tidbits on the whole Plame/Wilson/Libby kerfuffle:

Robert Novak has FINALLY told his side of the story on how Valerie Plame’s identity as a CIA employee was revealed — and it’s pretty much as suspected: Novak asked Richard Armitage why the hell Joseph Wilson, of all people, was sent to Africa to investigate charges that Saddam was seeking uranium, and Armitage answered that “Wilson’s wife, Valerie” worked at the CIA in counterproliferation.

Also, Newsweek is reporting that the “real story” about President Bush’s commutation of Lewis “Scooter” Libby’s prison sentence is that Vice President Dick Cheney pressed hard for it, and Bush did so to prevent a “fracture” with Cheney.

Of course, the real story is that they were afraid of what would happen if Libby went to prison. You see, Libby said that on his very first night behind bars, he would flush a Koran down the toilet — and that would trigger riots around the world. Bush had no choice but to give in to the blackmail, and so Scooter goes free to keep millions of Muslims from going on the rampage yet again.

Hey, I read it in Newsweek. You can’t question that!!!

In honor of Al Gore’s “Live Earth” concert, I decided to engage in my own form of environmentalism. I first used the Koran line over at Wizbang Blue, but decided I ought to “recycle” it on the main page.

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