Must Read on Iraq

Tom Donnelly has a must read at the Weekly Standard about the NYT’s reporting of success in Iraq on one page, and their call for immediate withdrawal on another.

Spread across the top two-thirds of the front page is John Burns’ latest dispatch from Iraq. The subject is the U.S. campaign to win back the city of Ramadi and al Anbar province from al Qeada and other Sunni extremists. A year after a Marine intelligence report described the region as “lost,” Burns explains “an astonishing success” in what was “Iraq’s most dangerous city.” Now, cooperation between local tribal leaders and the U.S. military “has all but ended the fighting in Ramadi and recast the city as a symbol of hope that the tide of war may yet be reversed to favor the Americans and their Iraqi allies.” Victory, in Burns’ assessment, is a long way off, but is possible.

Ten pages later, taking up an equal amount of space on the main editorial page, is the Times’ clarion call to “leave Iraq, without any more delay than the Pentagon needs to organize an orderly exit.” The only discussions that interest the editors is “how to accomplish a withdrawal” and mitigate the certainly bad consequences of an American defeat. The Times’ takes it as a “fact” that “keeping troops in Iraq will only make things worse.” Read it all.

Update: And here is a must read on the AP’s reporting in Iraq from Bob Owens.

In case you have not already read this must read dispatch from Michael Yon, here’s a link to the post about a visit by Gen. Petraeus to Baqubah, as well as more info about the mass graves recently discovered in Iraq.

"Make like a tree and leave!"
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