“Make like a tree and leave!”

If it’s summertime, it must be the season for the dumb criminals to come out in force. And here in New Hampshire, we’ve got ’em in spades.

First up, we have the story of one guy who did just “leave” — left the scene of an accident in Massachusetts, triggering a high-speed chase that ended with him behind bars and charged with drunken driving, leaving the scene of an accident, speeding, and fleeing an officer.

The guy happens to also be a resident of Massachusetts, but it has a New Hampshire angle — he was a police officer for the town of Hudson, New Hampshire.

Meanwhile, covering the “make like a tree” angle, a guy knocked over a Manchester, New Hampshire bank while camouflaged. In a novel effort to thwart the security cameras, he duct-taped branches and leaves about himself, obscuring his face.

It doesn’t seem to have worked. Police arrested the guy (who I’m calling “Wilson.”)

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