Blue on Blue

Cindy Sheehan, “Momma Moonbat” herself, alias “Peace Mom” and “she who has absolute moral authority,” has decided that Crawford, Texas is just not her place and is heading home.

To San Francisco, where she is threatening to run against Nancy Pelosi if the Speaker does not file impeachment charges against President Bush within two weeks.

I find myself wondering if Sheehan even realizes that, should she run against and defeat Pelosi, Sheehan would not instantly become Speaker herself, but merely one of the most junior members of the House — and, likely, ostracized by the vast majority of her colleagues.

Either way, those of us who pegged Sheehan as a sad, delusional wreck who has let her grief over her lost son destroy her relationships with the rest of her family are feeling a bit of schadenfeude over those who rushed to embrace her, shove her into the spotlight, and used her celebrity status to push their own agenda.

Now, that she’s turning on those who have imbued her with so much power, expect them to abandon her and try to marginalize her as best they can, desperately hoping that everyone forgets just who gave Sheehan the power she is now turning on them.

Perhaps, when this is all done, Sheehan can finally get the help she needs and rebuild her life. But she better not count on those who made sure she had the limelight for so long — now that she’s more hindrance than help, she’ll be shoved aside and buried as fast as they can manage it.

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