Possible Site Issues This Weekend

This weekend (actually it’s already begun) I will be recoding the backend at Wizbang and for good measure slapping on a new (temporary) coat of paint. Be advised that on occasion one page may not look like another while things are being rebuilt. Overnight tonight the majority of pages should be rebuilt with the new look.

If you just have to know how it will all turn out you can view the Weekend Caption Contest™ in the new format, or this post. It goes without saying that voting for this and all future caption contests is definitely enabled…

Update: The switch is done. All of the important pages have been converted, and I’ll be going through some of the lesser used pages and updating them this weekend. I’ll be making changes through the weekend, but the general look (minus some more tweaking) has been applied. Notice that you can use Typekey for commenting. We’ll be adding several other authentication services in the coming months including our own local user accounts and OpenID.

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