Good News in the MSM

There is some news of progress being reported from Iraq in the New York Times. I won’t be happy until the media is more interested in Iraq than they are in Scooter Libby, but I will take what I can get.

Speaking of news from Iraq, don’t miss Michael Yon’s latest report on Baqubah. Yon sent the following update to Instapundit:

Baqubah has so quieted down that it’s nothing like I have ever seen it. Practically no fighting. . . . It’s Friday so there will likely not be much happening downtown today, so I stayed on base to write about the goings-on. I wrote about the lethargy of the local Iraqi leadership a couple weeks ago, but the energetic leadership of U.S. Army seems to be catching. The Iraqis are much more into the fight than they were back on 19 June with Arrowhead Ripper kicked off. We are now D+17 (17 days since Arrowhead Ripper kicked off), and the changes in Baqubah are remarkable. I am cautiously optimistic. Very cautious, and very optimistic.

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