Saint Elizabeth

Brent Bozell reminds some of those in the media who spent the past week praising Elizabeth Edwards for denouncing the hatefulness on the right of some things Edwards (and some of those working for her husband) have said in the past few years. Evidently those in the media were not aware of the statements or I am sure they would have stopped praising Edwards long enough to ask her about them.

I have expressed my disapproval of some of the things Ann Coulter has said in the past, but I know that she is not typical of most pundits on the right. If Edwards wants to speak out against the hatefulness and ugliness on the right, she should at least acknowledge those on her side of the aisle engaging in language every bit as “ugly.” If I had a nickel for every time I have read someone on the left wishing for the death (usually by assassination) of Dick Cheney, I would be a very rich woman. And for those who don’t think Edwards should be held responsible for everything anyone on the left says, I agree. She shouldn’t, but she she should at least acknowledge what those she had a role in hiring have said. Anyone remember Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwen? No one in the media seemed to this past week.

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