Premature Exclamation

The other day, I linked to a piece written by Bill Clinton defending some of the presidential pardons he issued in the final days of his presidency. In my haste, I didn’t notice that the article was dated February, 2001 — mere weeks after he left office.

Well, when it comes to discussing Bill Clinton’s craving for the spotlight, it’s often a case of not being “wrong” as being “early.” I wrote my piece on Tuesday, and yesterday he actually did come out and comment on the Libby commutation.

It wasn’t quite as detailed as his early rationalizing piece, but it seems that his general attitude hasn’t changed — what he did was motivated by the highest of principles and compassion, no one should dare question him, and when others do anything remotely similar, they are motivated by the most craven and crass and corrupt purposes.

And as we see by his increasing involvement in his wife’s campaign, he really can’t stand to be out of the spotlight.

Apparently eight years in the White House wasn’t enough for them — they want another four (or, preferably, eight) years. Too bad that for a lot of people, it was more than enough.

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