Could the Democrats be the Republicans’ salvation?

Republicans continually make stupid mistakes that cost them dearly, but just when you think they can’t be saved, along comes a Democrat to make the Republicans look really good. Today it was John Conyers:

The House Judiciary Committee has officially announced its plans for a hearing into President Bush’s commutation of Scooter Libby’s prison term.

The hearing will take place next Wednesday morning; titled “The Use and Misuse of Presidential Clemency Power for Executive Branch Officials.”

“In light of yesterday’s announcement by the President that he was commuting the prison sentence for Scooter Libby, it is imperative that Congress look into presidential authority to grant clemency, and how such power may be abused,” John Conyers said. “Taken to its extreme, the use of such authority could completely circumvent the law enforcement process and prevent credible efforts to investigate wrongdoing in the executive branch.” I don’t think the President made a mistake in the case of Libby’s clemency. I think he made a pretty smart, and fair, decision. Heck, even most of the jury members said they thought Libby should be pardoned.

Even though this is not one of those dumb Republican moves I was referring to, we all know there have been far too many of them lately and anytime a Democrat starts making statements like John Conyers did yesterday it makes Republicans look good in comparison. Talk about overreaching. Conyers never disappoints when it comes to shamelessness. Kim did an excellent job pointing out the hypocrisy of those criticizing Bush now for granting Libby clemency, but who did not seem concerned about Bill Clinton’s controversial pardons as he left the White House. For those with faulty memories, here is the complete list of Bill Clinton’s pardons, via Allen Estrin at Townhall.

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