Brittania roolz!!!!1!

There may be signs of hope for Eurabia.

Last week, a bunch of Danes filmed a traditional festival which involves burning an effigy of a witch — but this year, they substituted The Prophet Mohammed for the witch.

Now, we see that some of those legendary plucky Brits have decided to take the same juvenile, symbolic path and vent a bit of their rage over the terrorist attacks that they have been subject to in the name of Islam:

I guess these Brits have the same attitude towards “gun control” as a lot of Americans: it means hitting your target.

This could be the beginning of a movement. I’m wondering which European nation will spawn the next anti-Islamist backlash, and in what form. For example, how would the French — renowned masters of both contemptuous and contemptible behavior — try to top burning Mohammed and shooting up a Koran? Or the Germans?

I find myself hoping it involves pigs…

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