See No Terrorism, Hear No Terrorism

We, the crack young staff of “The Hatemonger’s Quarterly,” have the sneaking suspicion that a Republican candidate may just eke out a victory in the 2008 presidential race. To be honest, we say this with some surprise: After all, our current Republican president is not popular with voters overall, and one must admit that one can sense a need for political change amongst the American populace.

Still, we have a hunch that the Democrats will blow their extremely good chance to regain the presidency. In this way, the Democrats could resemble the Palestinians many of them so mindlessly champion: They both never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

We say this, dear reader, as the result of our taking in numerous liberal responses to the recent terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom. As you may know (but not if you rely only on left-wing “weblogs” for your news), London recently averted a potentially catastrophic double car-bomb attack. In addition, only a day later a flaming SUV rammed into the Glasgow airport.

And what do our lefty Internet pals have to say about these horrid events? Well, as of this writing, not too bloody much. At the front page of the Daily Kos, for example, you’ll find nary a discussion of these twin terrorist plots. Apparently, endless ruminations on the impeachment of President Bush are far more popular.

At the “weblog” of the liberal American Prospect, you won’t find anything either. The staff of the Prospect is too shell-shocked over recent Supreme Court decisions to discuss terrorism–though they didn’t prevent them from “posting” on more nugatory topics such as China’s labor laws.

We only wish we could say the same thing for the loveable loons at The Huffington Post. But no: The Huffy Po dutifully relayed reports of the attacks on their main page, only to be greeted with reader comments claiming they must be CIA plots. Oh, dear.

Quite frankly, dear reader, this speaks to a disgusting malaise amongst the Democratic base. These folks detest President Bush so much that they are fundamentally incapable of seeing the dangers of terrorism. As such, they simply close their eyes and pretend that Islamofascism isn’t a threat to the West.

Thus when any terrorist operation results in a military response, many of our lefty pals reflexively decry the military response, claiming that police actions and the courts are the correct responses to attempts at mass slaughters. And when governments stop terrorist attacks before they happen–using the police actions and the courts liberals supposedly hold dear–our left-wing friends claim that the halting of these plots is really a “non-event.”

This is a fundamentally unserious response to the global jihad. Our lefty friends might claim that they have less interest in these recent attacks because they didn’t occur on American soil. But, gee: When did the Left become so parochial?

If only the Democratic base detested Islamist terrorism half as much as they hate George W. Bush. But it doesn’t, and this might lead to another Republican presidential victory.

(Note: The crack young staff normally “weblog” over at “The Hatemonger’s Quarterly,” where they’re currently pondering the fact that Keith Olbermann considers Bill O’Reilly a greater threat to the United States than Osama bin Laden.)

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