Irony is Lost the on Dumb – Yet Again

Lee Ward has a post titled: More Right Wing Hate Mongering

You got that right? Right Wing Hate Mongering. — Write that down if you need to. — Hate Mongering from the Right Wing.

Lee opines:

Early on Sunday morning is usually a pretty good time for Conservative Asshat hunting. After the average right wing blogger has spent a long Saturday night consisting of watching Fox News re-runs on their TIVO while stuffing 9 cans of beer and two jumbo bags of Nacho Cheese Doritos down their pie hole, these jackasses can usually relied upon to put together a big ol’ incoherent, spittle-filled, bullshit-filled, hate-filled rant.


Actually this probably concludes my Wizbang Blue posts. There comes a point where the stupidity is just too much. The point has been made. At best these people are fools. At worst delusional and demented. — I’ve had my fun, they are only credible to other sociopaths. Time to move on.

Whites' Voting Rights Violated in Mississippi
Best. Comment. Ever.