First things first

For some time, the illegal alien problem on our southern border has been likened to a bleeding wound. We need to stop the hemorrhaging before we can go after the ultimate cause of the problem.

That analogy didn’t quite work for me, because for the metaphor to fully work, the flow causing such concern would be outward. Instead, the border is a problem of things flowing inward.

Then, last week, I stumbled across a far, far better comparison: flooding on a submarine.

As the commenter noted, when you have flooding in a submarine (or any ship, for that matter), the first thing to do is to stop the leak. Once you have the ocean stopped from pouring in, then you worry about the seawater already aboard. There’s a chance that the seawater already on board might be enough to sink you, but it’s guaranteed that the leak will sink you — eventually.

It’s a useful lesson for a lot of situations. For example, terrorism. The terrorists might have legitimate grievances, but the time to deal with them is not right now. In England, finding out what the bombers are so worked up about has to take a back seat to stopping them from blowing up more people and things.

It’s a sound principle. It’s simple, logical, and applicable to many situations.

Naturally, I expect it will be soundly rejected by the politicians.

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