Best. Comment. Ever.

WARNING: Consumption of liquid while reading this post will endanger your keyboard.

I’ve been an on again off again blogger here at Wizbang for about 3 years I think. In that time I would guess I’ve made 2500 posts that have garnered 25,000-40,000 comments.

Of all the comments, I got the best one ever today, bar none.

Quick Backgrounder: Yesterday, I called out Paul Hooson for taking an Ann Coulter quote out of context. The original quote was 2 sentences. Paul Hooson reduced it to a sentence fragment. I linked the video which had the whole segment, whereas Hooson and the rest of Wizbang Blue crowd was using an edited version of the video which only showed the sentence fragment.

I called him out of lying to his readers. Today he explained. He would have liked to have told his readers the truth but it would be against federal law.

Federal copyright law limits the amount of material that can presented under “fair use” for educational or news purposes. Legally no website can really legally present an entire copyrighted program or segment such as the entire copyrighted GOOD MORNING AMERICA segment, so only the portion that is allowable under “fair use” is presented in which the offensive comments by Coulter were presented. If you don’t like this legal standard, Paul, then you better change federal law.

There you have it dear readers. Clipping a sentence fragment is legal under “fair use” but clipping 2 sentences out of a 1 hour T.V. show would have run Wizbang Blue afoul of the law. The law is very specific here. They had meetings and everything before making the tough editorial and legal decision…

Our Wizbang Blue website presented what we believe to be the legally allowed limit under “fair use” while you present an entire copyrighted segment which may actually violate ABC copyright ownership standards or federal copyright law as presenting an entire program segment. There was no intent at Wizbang Blue to “slant” Coulter’s copyrighted segment, but to present that portion of her offending comments that are legally allowed as “fair use”. That’s not PRAVDA, that’s closely following federal law.

See… He really wanted to tell the truth about the quote -honest- but federal law being what it is, he was forced to misquote her.

Meanwhile Wizbang Blue stole 6 minutes and 33 seconds of broadcast video this morning. Guess the lawyers gave them different advice on that one.

I can’t make up material this good.

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