The Crazy [Liars] Next Door III

I got called to task the other day for comparing Wizbang Blue to that festering sewer pit Democratic Underground. The comparison was dead on. They are both stocked with demented sociopaths who don’t know the truth from a lie.

Today’s moonbat liar is Paul Hooson.

You might remember, because I blogged it, that the left was lying about what Ann Coulter said the other day on Good Morning America.

While on GMA, she was discussing the difference in the way the media treats things conservatives say vs what liberals say. Specifically mentioning how no one in the media was outraged when Bill Maher said he wished Dick Cheney was killed by terrorists.

She said:

“About the same time Bill Maher said… but about the same time Bill Maher was not joking in saying he wished Dick Cheney had been killed by a terrorist attack.

Um- so I’ve learned my lesson…

If I’m going to say anything about John Edwards in the future, I’ll just wish he had been killed in a terrorist assassination plot,”

Blind to the overwhelming irony, the liberal media attacked her, taking her quote out of context; proving her point.

Following their lead, one of Blue’s resident moonbats Paul Hooson even made a special little graphic to take the quote out of context.


The kicker is that while I offered you the video segment in its entirety to let you make up your mind from the original source as it aired, if you clicked the link in Hooson’s graphic it took you to a special edited version of the video.

Just like the Soviets of yore, the Communists in China of today and dictators all throughout history, the liberals on Wizbang Blue want to edit the media you see for your own good.

If you wonder why the liberals are trying to figure out how to take conservatives off talk radio, just read a few back issues of Pravda (or Wizbang Blue) and it will all become clear. The truth -as they say- is inconvenient.

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