“That’s not fair! You tricked me!”

In Panama City, the cops have developed a novel approach for busting illegal aliens They would rush up to a construction site, lights blazing and sirens going, and then grab anyone who ran away.

This, naturally, had the usual suspects in a tizzy.

Personally, I love it when the police get creative in getting criminals. I have absolutely no problem in them arranging situations where the guilty automatically incriminate themselves.

I’ve heard dozens of stories where the police decide to round up a bunch of people with outstanding warrants by sending them letters telling them they’ve won a prize, then arrest them when they show up to claim it — usually after making them prove they’re just who the police are looking for.

And one of my favorite examples was when Florida police put up a sign on the highway saying that there was a illegal drug checkpoint ahead on the highway. The sign was right after an offramp, and there was no checkpoint. Instead, the police simply pulled over everyone who made an illegal U-turn — and remarkably enough, most of them were carrying drugs.

Most criminals are caught because they do dumb things. And I have few problems with encouraging them to do dumb things, such as incriminate themselves by these sort of ploys.

Waiting for the ACLU to file lawsuits in 5… 4… 3…

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