Another Liberal Disconnect

I’m quite fond of the phrase “Irony is lost on the dumb.”

The irony of some of the arguments from the left on the immigration issue is astounding. On one hand you have your typical liberal idiots claiming “Conservatives Driving Up Grocery Prices because after all, closing the borders means people can’t exploit cheap immigrant labor, so us white people might have to pay more for groceries.

[Hey Wait – Aren’t liberals against unfair wages and worker exploitation? They routinely whine about Nike or Apple running “sweatshops” but now they fully endorse the exploitation of poor immigrants so the price of oranges doesn’t go up? -but I digress..]

On the other hand these very same liberals who warn of higher prices if we don’t have cheap labor will argue ad nauseam that raising the minimum wage doesn’t cause inflation.

Which reminds me of my other favorite phrase… “Being a liberal means you really can have it both ways.”

"What do you mean it's still a problem? Don't you know we passed a law?"
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