Goldilocks and the Dumb Crooks

“Moderation in all things” are the words of wisdom. That holds true in all sorts of things, even crime. Here we have two dumb-criminal stories — one about being too discriminating, the other about not being discriminating enough.

Here in New Hampshire, we have a bank robber who’s just too darned finicky. Neal Wright allegedly went into a New Hampshire bank and demanded $2,000 in precise denominations. Then, once the teller gave him the loot, he counted it and argued that she had shortchanged him.

And in Boston, a bunch of garbage collectors found a way to supplement their city wages — by arranging to take a bunch of construction debris they weren’t supposed to. It was a good deal for both sides — the construction company got to get rid of their trash cheap, and the garbagemen collected a little pocket change. And then the cops had to go and ruin it all…

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