Elizabeth Edwards- Liar

Elizabeth Edwards is a big fat liar.

Ms. Edwards Asks Coulter to Stop Attacks

Elizabeth Edwards pleaded Tuesday with Ann Coulter to “stop the personal attacks,” a day after the conservative commentator said she wished Edwards’ husband, Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, had been killed by terrorists.

“The things she has said over the years, not just about John but about other candidates, lowers the political dialogue [sic] at precisely the time we need to raise it,” Edwards said by phone on MSNBC’s “Hardball” program, where Coulter was a guest.

Only problem with Ms. Edwards’ story… It was a lie. Coulter was talking about the press reports controversial things that liberals (ie Bill Maher) say vs conservatives.

Watch the video of what she said. In the first 30 seconds you realize the liberals and the media (I know, same thing) are full of crap.

Ironically, the response from the media exactly proved Coulter’s point to the letter. They ignored her point and took her out of context while giving Bill Maher a pass. The exact thing she was complaining about. The media is too stupid to realize they’ve just been pwned.

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