How Will We Know If the Surge is Working?

In a column at the Examiner, I look at a few things that will indicate whether or not the surge is working.

In past operations, insurgents were flushed out of one area, only to regroup elsewhere. Now areas are being cordoned off, with access points being heavily controlled so that all those targeted are captured or killed.

Independent war reporter Michael Yon who described the operation as “surrender or die” reported on Baqouba: “Our guys are winning. Al Qaeda is about to be strangled and pummeled to death in this town, but the local Iraqi leadership is severely wanting.”

Success in Iraq is something that will depend not only on police and military forces to improve the security situation on the ground, but in the new leaders and institutions rising up to replace the Saddam Hussein regime being stable enough to maintain order.

Even if the military surge is successful in accomplishing its goals, an accurate determination of whether or not the overall mission in Iraq is deemed a success is likely to be written by historians in the future, rather than reporters of today.Read the rest at the Examiner.

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