There's nothing like a Dane…

For years, us Westerners have been subjected to seeing Muslims burn and tear up and stamp on our flags, hang and immolate our leaders in effigy, mobs shouting and howling for our blood, calling curses and death upon our heads, and regularly hold riots at the slightest offense.

Now, for the first time I can recall, those psychos are getting back a little of their own medicine.

Notice how the Danes have taken the basic idea and improved the hell out of it — a clarion call explaining why and a kick-ass soundtrack (although I have to say I prefer the original version).

The smart and civilized thing for the world’s Muslims to do would be to simply say that it was a stupid, hateful thing, then just ignore it.

Expect calls for the Danish government to find and prosecute the burners for “crimes against Islam,” followed by a deafening silence from the Danish government.

The mass riots and attacks on Danish products, companies, and citizens will either follow that or happen concurrently — more likely the latter.

(Hat tip: Gateway Pundit, via Charles)

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